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Braces are all fun and games, cool and sophisticated until you feel like there’s a whole engineering crew in there setting up a steel shield for your teeth and you’re constantly worried if there are any stain stuck in them making you go paranoid. Ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t easy. Especially when you’re trying to clear all evidence after chewing on caramel bar, looking effectively like a cow grinding on a few leaves for what seems like forever. But the problems don’t stop there, in fact the struggle is real from getting it fixed until and after getting it removed, but is there a way to overcome them? Read below to find out.

Bad Breath.

As if the fact that you look a little suffocated trying to smile without showing your teeth whilst posing at picture isn’t enough, you’ve got keep your mouth shut most of the time to make sure people don’t faint after inhaling your bad breath. You can try to eliminate this problem by brushing your teeth after every meal, because usually the meal particles stuck in them are the reason for the bad odor. And after you’re done brushing, floss you way through to remove the food particles your brush couldn’t reach. If your kids are taking an interceptive orthodontic treatment, consult your orthodontist on the type of mouthwash you can use once a day to wash the bacteria and refresh the mouth.


For people wearing braces, this process of munching food, especially hard ones can be an agitating task that makes you look like a llama that’s leaning to eat for the first time. Whether you’re after a tmj treatment Richmond and got your braces for the first time, or simply trying to align your smile, this is mainly for the newbies that have just joined the gang, and find the brackets and the wires to be one hell of a pain in the…mouth, irritating the teeth, gum and the cheeks. One way to get rid of this problem is resort to soft foods, slowing down whilst eating, and having smaller bites. If you’re a fast eater, you’re going completely despise this, but well, better be safe than sorry right?


When you’re ready to deal with all these, life decides to throw in something called myths making you sit and ponder if it’s really worth it. Some of the common myths relating to wearing braces are that they may interfere with your radio signals, or worse you’ll never be able to play music instruments with your mouth anymore. Another absolutely ridiculous one is that if you’re kissing someone wearing braces, you might lock yours with theirs. As absurd as theories sound, they can still make you scratch your head, so be careful not to believe them.