Types Of Gynaecologists

A woman’s health rests upon a number of factors. In order to enjoy a sound life, it is very important to have sound sexual and reproductive life. Apart from the personal vigilance and care what is very important is to stay in touch with the medical practitioners who are an expert at these health areas. These specialists that are expert and qualified ones in all the women related health issues are generally known with the professional name of a gynaecologist. Reproductive health not just means fertility and related matters but it to a greater extent influences the matters related to the mood fluctuations, and energy levels as well. The gynaecologists support their clients to resolve all the health problems related to this category. Besides the basic expertise in the women health, the field of obstetrics in Port Macquarie is further classified into four broad subclasses namely obstetrics, urogynecology, oncology and reproductive endocrinology.


Popular by the name OB/GYN, it is the specialized field of gynaecology that deals with prenatal care, pregnancy care, along with the diagnosis and treatment of several other health complications. The specialised doctors are there to dig out the reason behind the various problems by using different diagnostic measures like Pap test screening. They are also well versed at finding out about the various diseases like those transmitted sexually. They also suggest measures to stay protected and safe from the diseases that can impact the overall health and especially the reproductory system. The field further includes oncology, endocrinology and preventive health techniques. Go here for gyne grafton.


This field of gynaecology requires additional surgical training after completing four years of basic medical residency in gyne and obs. The main area of concern is the pelvic region. The specialized doctors are concerned with the different disorders related to the pelvic floor. The organs that might get infected due to the disorder of pelvic disorder include the muscles, connective tissues, rectum, bladder, uterus and the vagina. Usually, this part of the body gets inflicted due to complications in childbirth, some serious ailment or holding heavy loads. The main mode of treatment is the reconstructive surgery besides the medications and therapies.

 Gynaecologic Oncology

After completing the residency and the clinical fellowship spread over a period of four years a gynaecologist learns to deal with the various oncology problems related to the women reproductive system. During this training, the doctor in making learns all the basic surgical skills to handle the malfunctioned or ailing parts of the body especially the Urinary Tract, pelvic region and the gastrointestinal system.

 Reproductive Endocrinology

The gynaecological specialists that are qualified to treat the problems dealing with infertility are known as a reproductive endocrinologist. They can handle the said problems regardless of gender. Besides the basic qualification as a doctor and gynaecologist, they get a three-year fellowship in the field of endocrinology. They are well trained to handle all kinds of problems related to hormones like menopause, infertility, continuous miscarriages and irregular or abnormal menstrual cycle.