Tips To Prevent Yourself From Acne

Yes we have seen it, we may have had one or two in the past even, but acne is a nightmare! Girl or boy, nobody wants to acnes on their face. So today, we are going to help you prevent from occurring those nightmares on your face with the following tips.

  • Whether you have acne or had or you have never gotten, make sure to ALWAYS have your face clean. You need to make sure that you wash you face with a cleanser twice a day to remove al the dirt and the oil on the face and remove those dry skins. Don’t use hot water and try to go for a warm water instead. You can use your own hands or maybe a soft cloth/ cotton wool. But don’t ever scrub your face with those sponges or a wash cloth. And make sure to rinse the foam well and dry your face with a very clean towel. If you towel is not clean then you may be infected with the bacteria on the towel and that may cause acnes.
  • If you have already gone for acne treatment North Sydney, you may know how acne products can dry your face. So make sure to moisturize your face well. Many think that if they have wet/ oily skin they shouldn’t apply moisturizer. This is a complete wrong statement, if you have oil skin select a moisturizing product that is made for such skin.
  • Suring an acne breakout, make sure you avoid any sort of makeup to your face. Your prefessional dermatologist would tell you the same. Avoid foundation, blush or powder. If you do wear, make sure to wash it all off at the end. Always go for the products with the label “noncomedogenic” meaning that it shouldn’t cause acne.
  • Except for shampoo and conditioner, avoid use of any oil/ gel or fragrances on your hair, this products may get on your face block the pores on your skin and cause irritation. If you hair is oily, make sure I wash it often and if you hair is long, have it always out of your face.
  • Stop touching your face! You are not just spreading bacteria by yourself, but you are also causing your inflamed skin to irritate. And girls, don’t ever pop or break pimples! That could leave a scar and it can also infect you.
  • Avoid oily greasy junk food and go for more natural fresh ones like fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Make note that food in high levels of sugar can cause acnes as well.Well, hope these tips help you keep that amazing look to yourself and prevent you from that nightmare.